Not Alone: A Study on Friendship


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In the beginning, God created a human. And in God's sin-free, beautiful world, only one thing was declared not good; that the human was alone. This isn't just the story of marriage; it's the story of humanity. We're made in the image of our God who exists in Trinity--God exists in divine community.

Sisters, we were created for community. And because our Father is generous, he's given us one of the most essential, fun, and life-changing relationships for community: friendship.

Over the six weeks spent studying together, we're going to talk about friendship. We're going there in all aspects of friendship:
Week One: What Are Friends For? A Theology
Week Two: Friendship in the Bible
Week Three: The Profile of a Friend
Week Four: Toxic Friendship
Week Five: How to Rebuild Broken Trust
Week Six: The Unique Ministry of Friendship

Product details and included features:

  • 7x10, lay-flat bound, 140 pages
  • 30 days (6 weeks) of daily lessons
  • Daily questions for pause and reflection over what was discussed
  • Weekly inventory to get you thinking and processing through your friendships
  • Space for personal reflection and notes
  • Supplemental weekly videos, produced in partnership with RightNow Media featuring Jennie Allen, Amena Brown, and Lauren Chandler 

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