Behold: An Advent Study


Behold: An Advent Study (2018)

At red-lit intersections or in a doctor’s waiting room. Anticipating movement in an inbox, at a subway station, or an airport gate.

We all do it: Wait.

The season of Advent reminds us that a weary world waited to rejoice at the coming of Jesus. Behold: An Advent Study helps us focus on the significance of Christmas. The study guides us through Old Testament prophecy and New Testament fulfillment, demonstrating the faithful gifts of peace, healing, hope, and freedom that Jesus has given us. These gifts help us to wait well, with expectancy.

Jesus arrived in the fullness of time. Let’s remember His faithfulness as we anticipate the joy of Christmas.

Product Overview:

  • 7x10
  • Foil printed cover
  • Spiral binding

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