Born Of A Woman | by Oneka McClellan


What would our world look like if every woman realized her limitless value and recognized the same in every one of God’s daughters? What would it look like to have a company of women all fanning the flame of purpose in one another? How powerful could this world be if girls in junior high school protected and defended a classmate being bullied? What would our world look like if both stay-at-home moms and industry leaders saw the strength that each brings to the table?

In a world where we cannot turn on the television or check our phones without reading disrespectful words, seeing demeaning actions, or learning of heart-wrenching news, it is time for a fresh voice and anthem to arise. Jesus, the hope for humanity, also came into this world through a woman. That beautiful reality is relevant today. Born of a Woman will take you on a journey where you will discover that God is not finished with your life. In fact, He has placed solutions, strategies and ideas, in seed form, within you.

With zest, hilarity and honest anecdotes from her life as a Pastor, pioneer, wife and mother of three, Oneka McClellan peels back the layers of scripture to ignite hope, value, and courage in each reader to walk in the authority and power to bring Heaven to this desperate world.

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