Holy Unto The Lord | Luke LeFevre


Being holy isn't meant to be boring.

The word holy has gotten a bad reputation. You might have read the title of this book and envisioned a restrictive, boring life. You might have thought of a dull, lifeless church with rule-filled religion. And that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to picture.

But a life of holiness is meant to be full of adventure, risk, purpose, and joy beyond measure.

God commands believers to be “Holy as I am holy” because He knows that holiness is a key to abundant life! It’s time you knew that, too.

Through scripture, practical teaching, and real-world examples, “Holy Unto The Lord” dispels the lie that holiness leads to a boring, restrictive life and teaches that pursuing holiness leads to a life full of joy.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How the holiness of God relates to our relationship with Him

  • God’s intention behind the command to “Be holy as I am holy”

  • How God empowers us to pursue holiness

  • How the pursuit of holiness leads to joy–not lifeless religion!

If the concept of holiness feels unapproachable or even scary, this book was written for you!

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