Treasures in the Dark | Katherine Wolf


It's often impossible and overwhelming to see anything good around us when we're in our lowest, darkest moments. We question where God is, if we'll feel hope again, or if our suffering has a point.

Even if pain clouds our vision, the truth is this: God is at work in the darkness, even when we can't see or feel it. God continues to bring dead things to life.

God invites you, wounds and all, to unearth His hidden treasures in your suffering and reframe your darkness as a space in which hope's light can brilliantly shine.

In Treasures in the Dark, Katherine Wolf vulnerably shares her own stories of suffering and wounding and the profound, life-altering insights she discovered along the way. This book will give you wisdom as you:

  • Find grace for the heartbreak of unmet expectations;
  • Explore the surprising intersection of pain and purpose;
  • Wholeheartedly embrace the life you never imagined living with perseverance and joy; and
  • Recognize how your healing can be a part of the world's healing.
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