Be Bold: Dare to do big things for God | By Jada Edwards


What comes to mind when you think of someone you would describe as bold?

A risk taker? A strong personality? Someone brave or fearless?

You may not describe yourself this way – or you may have a sense boldness that seems to come from within.

Either way, I have good news for you.

You don’t need to naturally possess any of those characteristics to be bold for God. If you feel afraid, He will give you courage. If you feel weak and unqualified, He will give you strength.

What’s the big deal about being be bold?

The BIG deal is God has created you to do BIG things on His behalf. He has a special life mission for you. To start this amazing journey you have to leave fear, insecurity, and mediocrity behind.

Do you believe God wants you to do BIG things?

I do. So I encourage you, and challenge you, to open your heart to the next bold move. Hear God’s call for you, be willing to go against the culture and stay committed when it’s hard. You’ll be surprised what happens next.

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