Don't Hold Back | David Platt


David Platt, New York Times bestselling author of Radical, challenges Christians to trade in an American gospel that prostitutes the words of Jesus for the sake of comfort, politics, and prosperity and return to a biblical gospel that exalts God above everything in this world.

Pastor David Platt, from his viewpoint in the capital of the United States, believes it's time for disillusioned, discouraged, and divided Christians to follow Jesus into a different future. In Don't Hold Back, Platt calls believers to take necessary risks and find the ultimate reward as we:

  • Work for—not against—each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, especially when we disagree on personal convictions.
  • Turn the tide on centuries of racial division in the church.
  • Trust all of God’s Word with conviction while loving everyone around us with compassion.
  • Do justice with kindness, and experience the good life according to God.
  • Play our part in spreading the gospel to all the nations of the world.
  • Seek God alone for the supreme satisfaction our souls’ desire.

With biblical insights that speak to the everyday lives of contemporary Christians, Platt reveals that we can experience the awe-filled wonder of Jesus and otherworldly beauty of his church here and now. In order to do so, some things need to be different. Starting not in the those people, but in each of us.

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