Galatians Study with DVD | Jada Edwards


In this six-session video Bible study in Galatians, Bible teacher and author Jada Edwards dares to ask and answers with life-application truth: 'Are you living led by the Spirit or lost in this world?'

About the Book

Liberating freedom is found in Christ’s acceptance!

The Book of Galatians is a passionate letter written by the apostle Paul explaining what it really looks like to be followers of Jesus Christ. Paul is adamant in his letter that the gospel is all we need to know and to live truly free – that Jesus is enough and nothing needs to be added. There is certain and specific freedom in receiving our acceptance in Christ and that freedom gives us authority, assignment, adoption, and restoration like nothing else!

God loved you so much that he created a plan that you could never have achieved on your own. And when you don’t get that, you find yourself subject to the bondage that you were in before you even knew Jesus. What you’ll see as Jada walks you through Galatians is Paul giving a very passionate and urgent assurance, helping you understand that once you place faith in Jesus, you are transformed. You are made new. You are forever a part of the family of God. You are fully accepted, and you are free.

Sessions include:

  1. The Hidden Power of Acceptance
  2. Your Life is Rich in Purpose
  3. Approval in Christ > Human Approval
  4. The Truth About Your Inheritance
  5. You’ve Been Set Free For This
  6. Your Restoration Restores Others

This pack contains one study guide and one DVD.

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