IF:Gathering 2020 Digital Access


Relive (or watch for the first time) all of your favorite moments from IF:Gathering 2020! Purchase digital access high definition videos of all talks, interviews, panel conversations, and videos from IF:Gathering 2020. HD videos are great for watching from a personal phone or computer to a projector screen.

Please Note:

  • This is for individual use only. Want to host an IF:Local? Register here.
  • Digital Access does NOT require downloading any video files, but it does require that you have internet access in order to watch the videos. 
  • Videos will appear in your Digital Access Account starting February 24, 2020.

With the purchase of Digital Access, you are granted a license to personally watch IF:Gathering 2020. IF reserves all rights to published material.

  • Your license is intended for personal use, not allowed for groups, events, or commercial use
  • Your license is restricted to individual viewing and to prohibited from distribution to others
  • Your license is not intended to be cut into video clips, audio clips, or pictures for personal use
  • Your license is not intended to be put online for free access

If you have any questions regarding terms and use, please see terms of use or email us: connect@ifgathering.com.

This is a digital subscription; customers will not receive any physical products. Not included: Worship from IF:Gathering 2020. 

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