IF:Lead 2020 Dear Heart Credential


We hope that as you wear this necklace, it’s a reminder to embrace the tensions. The questions we wrestle with & ask God about don’t have to paralyze us. Mission or rest? Joy or disappointment? Dream big or wait on God? It’s both. You don’t have to choose. You can be both humble & bold. You can grieve & rejoice. You can walk freely in grace and truth. God has both called & equipped you for such a time as this. Rest in that.

Necklace options:

Credential: Includes sterling silver charm attached to a 18" sterling silver chain displayed on card.

Charm Only: Includes sterling silver charm with jump ring and display card. (For those that want to add it to a current necklace)

Chain Only: This is for those who received the charm in their ticket package and want to order a chain for it to go on. 18” Chain

This necklace includes a sterling silver 9mm disc with an & stamped into it. It is set onto the display card pictured, perfect for gift giving or to keep close by for encouragement. 

Size: 9mm

Chain Length: 18"

Sterling Silver

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