Anno Domini: The Middle Ages and Reformation

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This study is the second volume in a multivolume series covering the scope of church history, bringing us to the present-day church. For nine weeks, we will embark on a journey together through the history of the church during the Middle Ages and the Reformation through the beginning of modern times, from around AD 590 to AD 1648.

We pray that you will be inspired by our brothers and sisters in Christ who founded the church and those who have carried the torch of the gospel to us today. Through this study, we pray that God will help you understand His heart for the church, thereby increasing your heart for the church.

Study Overview

  • Study Name: Anno Domini: The Middle Ages and Reformation
  • Topic: European church history
  • Length: 9 weeks

Product Overview

  • 264 pages
  • Full color and beautiful images throughout
  • Foil printed cover
  • 7x10
  • Spiral binding 

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