The Best of You: Break Free from Painful Patterns, Mend Your Past, and Discover Your True Self in God | by Alison Cook PhD

We all want to give the best of ourselves to others. But, what happens when others take advantage and get the best of us? How do you care for family, friends, and co-workers without letting your own needs get pushed to the back-burner?

The Best of You reveals a breakthrough strategy to develop your voice, set wise limits, and still be a loving person. For over 20 years, Dr. Alison has integrated faith and psychology to help women reclaim their confidence, find their purpose, and enjoy healthy relationships. Her unique wisdom will help you answer these tough questions:
  • Why don't I know what I want?
  • How do I heal from the pain of my past?
  • How do I find my voice?
  • What if other people respond with anger, blame, or a guilt trip?
  • How do I find people who "get me"?
  • How do I negotiate change in my relationships?
You don't have to stay stuck, overwhelmed, or defeated. The best of you is right around the corner. Discover the life that God intended for you to enjoy.
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